Innovating. Evolving. Game-changing.

Our Portfolio Games are games we are developing in order to continuously evolve and improve our game-development technology. Along the way, we come up with new features to add to our collection of tools.

All our original games use our own proprietary engine, iGP 2.0. Licensing and Publishing Rights are available. Please contact us for more information on rights to our Portfolio Games.


CorrSim // Let’s Fight Corrosion!

Build your industrial complex and protect it from corrosion with your choice of combating technologies. Optimize your earnings and use your money to build more structures. Be proactive as some random events can either help you – or undo all your hard work.

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CorrConnect // Educate Yourself About Corrosion

Corrconnect is an online resource center for training modules on corrosion: the science behind it, the factors that contribute to it, and the available practices and technologies to combat it.

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